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“Robin's coaching is precise, full of love, and straight to the heart of what needs to happen. Her own path has been full of potent choices that have turned her into a beacon for all of us.”  
–  Elena Brower, world-renowned yoga/meditation teacher and author

I have been on both sides of the coaching equation. First, as a client, I used coaching to chip away at my armor so that I could experience my fullest potential. After completing a rigorous training program with the Handel Group®, I became a certified HG Practitioner Coach. I have since developed my own life coaching methodology called the gROw Method. This personal growth coaching emphasizes a holistic approach to living and growing well and includes meditation, intuition, inner child work, and somatic healing techniques.

 When I chose to take the descent into my inner darkness, I initiated a process of self-acceptance and understanding. I discovered that my years of anger and numbing were necessary for my survival. Eventually, I felt ready to cultivate the fear behind those states of being by embracing more of my humanity, rewriting my old stories, and transmuting my anger into passion. I began to celebrate my own identity, live more consciously, and view my life as the miracle that it is. Potent, elevated shifts in my relationships, career, and community continue to motivate me to bring my best self forward in each moment. A committed daily practice ensures that I stay one beat ahead of my conditioning and habits.
What I learned – from both my own growth and witnessing that of many others – is that most people think that they are the only ones to live with moments of darkness. However, possessing some unsavory parts is an aspect of the human condition. We tend to spend most of our time running or hiding from them, but this only causes imbalance in our systems. When we dare to examine the validity and purpose of these parts, we may find that we are giving them too much agency. I feel most free when I allow the savory and unsavory parts of myself to coexist. This enables me to enjoy a life of understanding and compassion, and, most importantly, makes me feel safe to just be myself.

I love sharing my seasoned years with others who are interested in bringing even more connection, love, and service into their lives! 



"There were some key areas in my life where I felt stuck. Robin came in like a muse. She listened so intently to where I was, and where I wanted to be. She worked with me to clarify my thinking, offering holistic strategies for moving forward and holding myself accountable. Robin is full of love and wisdom that I've been lucky to receive. I am on a more positive, more empowered path now because of her coaching."
- B.K., mother, former teacher, and passionate volunteer in schools and religious organizations

I offer private gROwth coaching sessions by phone, Skype, and in-person in my home space in Larchmont, NY.

For the first 4 weeks, you will be led through the gROw Method. You will learn how to create a vision for your life, cultivate and clear outdated or false belief systems, and make inspired choices that align to your vision. After the first month, our sessions weave the methodolgy throughout the areas of life that require the most attention and rejuventation. You can expect movement in one life area within 2 months.

A free 20-minute phone consult will cover more details and determine if we share resonance.

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"I loved every minute of your course. It was...just life changing- probably one of the best things I ever have done for myself." - LL, yoga teacher

Once a week for one month, small groups of women gather to learn the gROw Method in an immersion experience. This methodology supports women to create from an innermost desire, cultivate limited thought systems, and make small inspired choices that support their vision. The foundation of the course is to provide effective technologies for self-intimacy. It is through knowing oneself that we thrive and become even better partners, parents, friends, and inspired leaders.

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Many months before your big day, we craft a birth dream and practice visualizations and meditations to seal your intention.  The day of the birth, I set the tone of the room with music, essential oils, and lighting.  I am respectfully by your side, if you wish, guiding your dream with yoga, meditation, breathwork, and massage. 
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