gROw Yoga

"You are my teacher. My friend. My inspiration. My mentor. The real deal! Go girl! You’re on the path. Walking the Talk. And I can’t wait to sit next to you again and share who we are and how we both know how to heal and come back to Self. God. Truth. One. I love you. I so do!"
-Twee Merrigan, globally recognized senior teacher and trainer of Prana Vinyasa™ and named by Yoga Journal as a Yoga Journal Influencer (#yjinfluencer)

"Robin's yoga class is like going to the spa for your soul. It nourishes the mind, body and spirit - so that we can take that positive energy back into our homes."
– Mary Olson-Menzel, President and Founder of MVP and Development and founder of Yoga for a Cure

gROw Yoga stems from Robin’s desire to provide like-hearted individuals a sacred space to put their bodies into awkward shapes, enliven those shapes with breath, and explore what it feels like to be okay – really okay .
A gROw Yoga class draws primarily on the teachings of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, storytelling, themes, and Robin’s studentship and seasoned life.
gROw Yoga’s intention is that the experience rejuvenates a connection with our deepest essence, creating a sense of balance and confidence that we can bring to our families, loved ones, neighbors, and beyond.

All levels of experience are welcomed. Please come gROw with us!

We will resume on FRIDAY, JANUARY 11th.

**Our new venue is St. John's Church (4 Fountain Square, Larchmont NY)!**

WHERE:  St. John's Church, 4 Fountain Square, Larchmont NY (downstairs in Undercroft)
WHEN:    FRIDAYS  9:30-10:45 AM
FEE:         $20/class
PARKING: Linden Avenue